How I will now be resuming lessons, to ensure safety for all. 
  • Before every lesson I will call you to check if:
    • You know, or have been in contact with, anyone that is showing symptoms.
    • You, or anyone they have been in contact with, have travelled from a high risk region


  • When I arrive to collect you for your lesson I will wipe down all surfaces that have been touched using the appropriate wipes.
    • This will be done at the start and end of the lesson, but I will get you to wipe down at the end


  • This will be done at the start and end of the lesson, but I will get you to wipe down at the end.
  • Before you come out for your lesson can you please ensure that you have washed your hands as per the government advice.


  • I will ask again about your health and of those you have been in contact with.  I will also take your temperature using a no touch thermometer.


  • Any discussion about what will take place during the lesson, and any concerns you may have, will be done outside of the car.


  • I will get you to use the hand sanitiser gel provided at the start of the lesson, and if need be during too.  If you would prefer to use disposable gloves, please bring them with you but I won’t insist on them at the moment, but this may change.


  • I will require you to wear appropriate clothing so that arms and legs are covered, so no shorts or short sleeves, this is as per my Driving Instructor Association’s guidance.


  • Face masks will need to be worn inside the car, due to the proximity of us both. If you don’t have one I would recommend you investing in one, I will be able to supply a disposable one for a charge of £1.


  • I will be keeping the windows open/ajar at all times to ensure good ventilation within the car.


  • Please only bring what you need for your lesson, i.e. house keys and glasses if needed. 


  • Payment for lessons will need to be done via Bank Transfer, to reduce the handling of cash in the car.  If you need my bank details please let me know prior to your lesson.


  • Once you start your lessons if you show any symptoms relating to coronavirus I will need to know immediately so that I can notify my other clients and then quarantine myself for the required time.

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